The use of modern digital resources that enable and enhance greater opportunity to learn is vital to a modern and relevant education. Students at all levels, (Prep - grade 6) have access to modern computers and digital resources, such as: Interactive whiteboards and digital cameras. Much of the learning is via engaging and enjoyable academic games in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy.

However, all students can access safe internet sites to research topics of study. This is such an efficient manner to access up to date information.

We have introduced Ipads into the grade 3-4 area and it is our intention to broaden this roll out during this year. This is providing a wealth of learning opportunities for these students.

All teachers teach and use these wonderful resources to help the students become familiar with and competent in their use.

To see some of the presentations made by older students using powerpoint is amasing. The use of technology encourages students to find ways of learning that go beyond the traditional methods of books, pen and paper, and whilst these traditional methods still are very, very important, new technologies broaden the possibilities for student to research, design and present their work.

We are proud of the way we are keeping pace with the technological world in relation to "Learning."




Hello. My name is Shuichi Yamabe. I will be teaching PE to all grades all year this year and I will be teaching Japanese to grades 3-6 in Semester one and grades Prep – 2 in semester two.









Hello. My name is Shuichi Yamabe. I will be teaching PE to all grades all year this year and I will be teaching Japanese to grades 3-6 in Semester one and grades
Prep – 2 in semester two.


Our Language Other Than English, that is studeied, is Japanese. We are very proud and pleased to have, Mr Shuichi Yamabe, our Japanese teacher. Born in Japan, Mr Yamabe has lived in Australia now for many years and relates very well to our students. He endeavours to engage all students and make their learning as practical and as much fun as possible.


The main focus for Japanese is for the students to begin conversing in Japanese.  Therefore, the children will be learning to follow instructions, ask and answer questions, describe themselves and items, etc.  Japanese topics will be integrated with classroom themes, as follows:


Grade 3/4:  Greetings, numbers (1-199), describing their birthdays, celebrating Dolls Festival and following instructions in Japanese.


Grade 5/6:  Greetings, numbers (1-1999), months of the year to describe events and asking permissions and following instructions in Japanese.

Shuichi Yamabe

LOTE: Japanese teacher.



Hello. My name is Shuichi Yamabe. I will be teaching PE to all grades all year this year and I will be teaching Japanese to grades 3-6 in Semester one and grades
Prep – 2 in semester two.


Physical Education curriculum for Semester 1.


Grade Prep:


  • Space awareness (walking, skipping, hopping, running, etc.)
  • Fundamental motor skills
  • Simple ball handling skills




Grade 1/2:


  • Fundamental motor skills
  • Under and over hand throw
  • Space awareness (poison ball, tiggy, etc.)
  • Gymnastics (balancing)




Grade 3/4:


  • Start playing tactical games such as basketball, tennis, cricket, netball, etc.
  • Cross country training.




Grade 5/6:


  • Developing and extending skills in tactical games.
  • Cross country training.




Sports events happening in Semester one;


  • Football Tournament on 28th April.
  • Cross Country (grade 3-6) on 3rd May.
  • Interschool Sports Summer (Term 1)
  • Interschool Sports Winter (Term 2).




Shuichi Yamabe


Physical Education teacher.




Our Visual Arts program covers many aspects from the study of famous artists, to actively participating in tasks related to painting, drawing, clay modelling, textiles and collagesusing various media.

Focus is on teaching different techniques and strategies to complete art work that the students are so proud of. We encourage individuality and experimentation by our students. Student artwork is proudly displayed around the school and in fact student artwork is presented as part of a biannual Art Show Extravanganza. Many parents and members of our local school community come along and wonder at the artistic presentations that children as young as five have completed. This is a great way for children and parents to celebrate their art work.



Elena Kosta
Visual Arts Teacher







Grade Preps, 1's & 2’s:

The Grade 1/2’s will be completing a unit based on Drama and performing to an audience. They will develop skills in voice projection, thinking on the spot, working with a partner or team when performing and listening skills. They will also be creating short performance of a story book, which they will have to create together using the above skills.

Grade 3/4’s:

This term the Grade 3/4’s will be learning about the circus and the many skills needed to complete a circus act. Our aim is to put together a circus act, for each class, by the end of the term. This will lead to a big performance night where family and friends can come and see our fantastic performances.

Grade 5/6’s:

This term the Grade 5/6’s will be learning about music. They will learn the basic symbols and notation needed to read and write simple music. They will also be learning about famous composers and how to play the recorder.


Jill Reid
Performing Arts Teacher











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