About Us

Why Choose Movelle Primary School?

Our School Motto is: Empowering Lifelong Learners’

Our School Values are: Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Compassion.’


Movelle Primary School prides itself on making a difference to each student’s educational capabilities. Movelle students are friendly, co-operative and helpful. Staff are approachable and committed to assisting students to reach their full potential. We work enthusiastically with families to assist students.

Our focus on academic learning is strong, as is our emphasis on catering for the individual.

At Movelle Primary School, our teachers plan together to create engaging and relevant units of work for students to study, ensuring that the Victorian Curriculum is comprehensively covered. Our teachers cater for individual learning styles and are explicit in what they teach. Students understand what is expected of them. Our main focus is to improve student learning in Literacy and Numeracy, but also, to develop children into citizens we can be proud of. Movelle offers a wide range of additional programs and initiatives including: LOTE (Japanese) Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Camps, Swimming, Curriculum,  Information Nights, Music tuition and Before and After School Care.

Movelle students are friendly, well-mannered and are co-operative as a result of our proactive and positive classroom management program that develops a positive and inviting school culture.

Encouragement and achievement awards are presented to students regularly. One such award, the ‘Aussie of the Month’ award, is presented at assemblies and recognises students who are helpful, hard-working and co-operative to others in our school. Reading awards are also presented to students to praise and recognise students’ efforts to improve their reading.

A Buddy Program operates for children in preps, where they are ‘buddied up’ with students in higher grades to ensure their transition into primary school is well supported.


Movelle Primary's computer network is a important key to our students' learning facilities. The school network is very advanced and supplies applications and the  internet for 70 computers. There is not one computer older than 2 years and the computer lab has 25 computer with LCD monitors, all linked to the internet. Students in grades 5 and 6 have access to laptops for their final 2 years of schooling. Students in grades Prep to 4 also have access to iPads in those years. There are many accessories installed like wireless technology, smart boards, network printers and intranet services. Students work with this technology from prep to grade 6.

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to participate in classroom programs. We are very fortunate to have a multi-cultural community where a sense of acceptance and tolerance is encouraged.

Intervention Programs: 

Movelle Primary School takes pride in making sure no student falls behind in their learning and has introduced the Bridges’ Literacy and Numeracy Intervention programs, as well as, the Leveled Learning Intervention Program to assist students with their academic development. This allows children who need extra assistance to receive 30-45 minutes, one on one instruction at least 3 times a week. 'Bridges' is modeled on the Reading Recovery Program, but allows children from all areas of the school to access the program. All our Education Support Officers have been trained in delivering the Bridges Literacy or Numeracy program and they have set up a room dedicated to “Bridges.” The children on the program are enthusiastic about attending the Bridges’ room and all are making wonderful progress.

Kinder to School Transition Program:

Later in the year, we will operate a transition program that spans 8 weeks where kinder students can start to familiarize themselves with the school, our staff and the location of different areas that they will use when they start in Prep the following year.

Inquiries for enrolments can be made at our main office at any time. Please ring 9366 8892 for assistance.





Grade 1s in Leap Room

Looking at Movelle Primary School from the front of the school, it appears like most schools. However, it is not until you venture in, do you begin to notice the small subtleties that make us unique.

We are one of the few schools that has spent much time in preparing our school for our new prep enrolments. Our newly completed construction of our Language Experience Activity Program (LEAP) Centre. In our LEAP Centre, young eager minds will be provided with many experiences to help them develop their vocabulary's, their thinking and reasoning skills and opportunities to DO! Students will be engaged in "hands-on" Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Health and Physical Education tasks that will be designed to promote academic, physical and social responsibilities. As well as all that, there is an indoor physical activity playground to build co-ordination and strength. Along with the cooking area and construction area, our students will be engaged in relevant and purposeful learning situations.

Our school motto of "Empowering Learners for Life" is aimed at developing young thinkers who are hungry to learn. Our LEAP Centre is part of that journey.

Our new buildings include the LEAP Centre, but also include our new Performing Arts Centre in our gymnasium. This facility includes drama and music and stage areas for students.

Although our focus is always going to be to promote excellence in Literacy and Numeracy, these other facilities provide staff with many ways to reach those goals in a creative and engaging manner.

Please feel free to ring and arrange a school tour. Enrolments for next year are now being taken.